The Permeco model is a mode of operation that combines perm culture and ecosystems in a sustainable agricultural production. Through sustainable resource management, Permeco will create meat and dairy products, where the goal is to set a neutral climate footprint, have a low environmental impact, while at the same time giving high priority to animal welfare and biodiversity in the areas - in short: Regenerative farming!

In recent years, Denmark and the whole world are experiencing several major challenges as to nature and climate in the form of losses in biodiversity, emissions of nutrients to the aquatic environment and increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As we experience that both climate change, the loss of biodiversity and environmental changes in the aquatic environment around us are becoming more and more visible, we are beginning to focus on possibilities how to reduce these pressures. At the same time, the earth's population is increasing and there is a need to feed more.

The UN's global goals also set the course for a more sustainable development for both humans and the planet. Out of the 17 targets, agricultural production relates to the following 6 targets:

  • 2 - stop hunger
  • 6 - clean water and sanitation
  • 12 - responsible consumption and production
  • 13 - the climate effort
  • 14 - life in the sea
  • 15 - life on land

Denmark therefore needs lasting and sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate, environmental impacts and biodiversity. 

Permeco will pull these challenges in the right direction and the agricultural industry can, in conjunction with Permeco's mode of operation, significantly reduce its impact on the environment.

Permeco is an overall way of thinking, where agricultural production is rethought at all stages in order to become as sustainable as possible in relation to a low environmental and climate footprint. In the fields, the starting point is always the existing land resources and potentials to ensure:

  • Good soil structure
  • Low washing out
  • CO2 storage 
  • Higher biodiversity

The stables are based on optimal animal welfare to ensure:

  • Less stress
  • More space
  • Higher health

In production, the focus is on producing:

  • Tasteful dairy products with a naturally high content of vitamins and minerals.
  •  Tender meat with a good fat marbling that gives taste. 

Throughout all stages of the production, focus is on reusing resources whenever possible. The following pages describe how Permeco works with circular bio economy and actually find solutions to the challenges with:

  • Environmental impact
  • Animal welfare
  • Food
  • Climate impact
  • Biodiversity
If you want to read more about the Permeco model in practice, please read under Project Klimagården.